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Call of Duty 7: Black Ops
After they've blocked access to all foreign editions of CoD 6 in Germany some time ago, Activision decided to prevent activation of all foreign editions of CoD 7 in Germany right from the start. There is no legal way for a German to obtain and play the uncut, original version of CoD 7 inside of Germany. The only version that will be activatable in Germany is cut and features no other languages than German in voices and text. For that, Activision shall be the first publisher whose games I will try to avoid completely from now on. If you are in Germany and thought of buying that game, mark my words: Don't.
Microbrush 2 VMF converter fix
Someone let me know on YouTube that there was a problem with my conversion tool "MB2CDATVMF" with their VMF file, and now it's fixed. A new, fixed converter and a solutions and workarounds for problems and bugs can be seen on the Microbrush 2 download page.
Ati or Nvidia? IV
Oh I forgot... I reported the GLSL bugs I experienced with my Ati system to AMD via the developer forums, and they are being investigated. That is kinda nice. What do we learn from this? Don't just rant about bugs, report them also! Don't fuck anyone :P
Ati or Nvidia? III
It seems to me now that Ati just doesn't draw any vertices if I make a draw call but do not give the shader any inputs. On my Nvidia system it works just fine: I infer all vertex positions from gl_VertexID, and not from any vertex attributes. And there is a known bug where when you have a draw call with a starting vertex other than zero, gl_VertexID still starts at zero on an Ati system, what the fuck? So, the only compatible solution I can fall back to is using a vertex attribute that behaves just like gl_VertexID on an Nvidia system. The only compatible solution is by using redundant data that should be absolutely unnecessary if the driver was implemented right. And I must not name the attribute so that when alphanumerically sorted, it would succeed gl_*, because then nothing is displayed either.
Fuck you, Ati.
Ati or Nvidia? II
So I had the problem that my stuff ran on my laptop, but not on the computer of a friend.
After all these years, there is finally a generic mobility driver for Ati systems available, named Catalyst Mobility!
My previous problem probably contained the use of some undefined behavior... might be that what caused it is not really a driver bug. After all, with this newest driver, my laptop is behaving just like that Ati system of my friend: It displays nothing with my shader at all. Now that I can recreate the issue easily, I can also look into fixing it!
Ati or Nvidia?
After working with my both systems for so long, and now using OpenGL 3 to get stuff done... I can safely say that... ATI FUCKING SUCKS!!! Their drivers are horribly bugged - I've been tracking one of those shitty issues down all day where the name of a vertex attribute already makes a difference. That is so horribly wrong: I name it something with a capital letter or an a..f at the beginning and the data flow works all fine. I name it something that, if sorted alphanumerically, would end up after gl_* AND use the built-in variable gl_VertexID in my vertex shader, then there is no data flow. It all worked perfectly fine on my Nvidia system, of course. Some other technique I used works at regular framerates on the Nvidia system, but at unbearable framerates on an Ati system, NOT MY ATI SYSTEM THOUGH, BUT THAT OF A FRIEND! AND it doesn't even display anything for him! SAME FUCKING TECHNOLOGY, DIFFERENT RESULTS! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RAEEEEEEEG! I have never had anything where I'd have preferred one over the other, but since this day it is crystal clear for me that Nvidia clearly is the better brand. Their academic support and their bug-free drivers really do it for me. I've heard so many horror stories about bugs in Ati drivers, and could only hardly believe them, but now I know that they must be true. Ati, you fucking suck! Go to hell and rot! My next big project might not even officially support Ati systems, as they are randomly having issues that I can't reproduce! LOL!
Here it is, my all-3D 3D terrain editor!
You not only get to see the actual program, but also the study thesis that this resulted from. Have fun with that :D

image image
Just finished OP-Center and OP-Center: Mirror Image by Tom Clancy.
Modern Warfare 2!
I read in the news today that the uncut version of CoD 6: MW2 can NOT be activated on Steam in Germany anymore. Once again our country with its awfully terrible laws against violence in the media is causing paternalism where it's not necessary. Even if you are an adult, even if you've been to Afghanistan as a soldier -- you are NOT allowed to play the uncut versions of CoD2 or Saints Row 2. There is no legal way for you to do that. Also, whole game series like Quake are completely hidden from the Steam store if you have a German IP address.
I vouch for shutting down the internet.

BTW, without a certain import trick, you can't even play any Half-Life game uncut in Germany. No blood, no dead bodies, HL1 doesn't even have human enemy soldiers. I am annoyed beyond measure. Once when I installed a new game on Steam, it censored all my Half-Life games all of a sudden too. I can clearly see where this is going: Steam is becoming unusable as a gaming platform. Whatever program I release next, it will have an intro so bloody that the elder politicians and idiots who caused this kind of law start puking immediately!
Bite back!
Bite back!
Moving on
A lot of stuff has happened in my life lately. Most notably, I moved out of the home I have been living in for most of my life, to become independent of all the family drama still going on, and I have started working on my diploma thesis, which will eat almost all of my time for the rest of the year and early 2011. It seems I can stand on my own feet now...

I have learned a lot in the making of Microbrush 2, and already started developing a new technological foundation for its successor, Microbrush 3. I also recognized a number of things I plainly did wrong in MB2, but already have some good solutions laid out to tackle the problems. Despite the diploma thesis, I sometimes still find a few hours to work on it...

I will try to post progress reports regularly in the Microbrush 3 Steam Community Group, so this time you can follow the development of it more closely.
Study thesis done
The study thesis has been graded, got an A. Hooray! :D
(Just like in the exam before that :D)
The Situation
Last friday, I delivered my study thesis for marking. I intend to publish it here too when i got my mark: The whole document (in German, sorry, guys), and along with it the program, an all-3D 3D terrain editor (you know, from heightmaps to terrain where you can carve holes and tunnels everywhere!) I am going to work almost every day at the moment, to accumulate a lot of hours for my benefit later (for when I write my diploma thesis), and at the moment work is rather interesting too. And... I am searching for an apartment, to move out of this ugly little town, away from family trouble, away from everything. If all goes well, the move will already commence in July.
Microbrush 2 Update
There is a new Microbrush 2 version available.
It seems that the conversion tools did output the wrong file format version, that is now fixed.
Remember: If anything is wrong for you, there are plenty of ways to report that to me... :)
Microbrush 2 Update
There is a new Microbrush 2 version available.
These are the changes: Among other things, the grid size is now displayed properly to you, and the displayed measurements are Hammer-like by default.
I See You
Just finished Sean McMullen - Eyes Of The Calculor.
Life: Ups And Downs
... and to continue the funny tradition of announcing something on the first of April:
I am working on curved patch meshes with 9 control points, like seen in id's Tech 3 and Tech 4 engines (Quake 3 and Doom 3 branches) for Microbrush.
I have created a little programming language named "BTPL" (Base Tuple Programming Language, yeah, very creative) which has strengths in very consistent, simple but powerful syntax and native handling of tuples and strings and dynamic arrays and 3d vectors and so on. The language is thoroughly specified and I'm using it to develop and archive algorithms already, which is a goal I failed to achieve with Accuracy 2. This one is even suited for use as a programming language for high-level gaming APIs, since there is a technical means to pause program execution and let a custom handler modify the program stack at any point in whatever way desired.

Happy first of April!
OMG, Shortcut!
In Windows Vista, in the Windows Explorer, you can go ONE DIRECTORY UP by pressing ALT+UP :D That's exactly the Backspace behavior from Windows XP's Explorer. So much time wasted clicking the parent directory in the address bar, finally over! :D
Microbrush 2.1.4 Released!
New font, alternative camera controls that don't require the fly mode!
You can find it here.
YouTube - Microbrush 2 (2.1.4) New Stuff
Exploring My Limits
My mother cut contact with me because I stayed in the house when my father and his girlfriend moved in. All efforts to re-establish contact with my mother have failed, she doesn't care at all anymore. Maybe all her promises from the past were just tactics. My study thesis is progressing bad. I am a good programmer, but a bad writer. My father is pushing me to move out around the time I will be in the middle of my diploma thesis, and the date is strangely moving further backward in time every time he talks about it. That will be a problem I don't know yet how to cope with. There are two important exams to pass soon. I can only start earning enough money once I have graduated. I can not afford free time anymore. The perceived work pressure is constantly increasing. Seems I am not getting enough sleep anymore.
Welcome To The Calculor, Felon
I just recently finished reading Souls In The Great Machine by Sean McMullen.
Next to read in The Greatwinter Series: The Miocene Arrow
Microbrush 2.1.3 Released!
Here we go again. There is so little time since the last release because in that release I added a bug, a bug which I now fixed.
On top of that, the conversion stuff is now much simpler.
Again, you can find it here!
Microbrush 2.1.2 Released!
This version brings a bugfix for an inaccuracy problem and a few changes that have to do with my study thesis :)
You can find it here!
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